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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Honda Civic Mugen RR 2009

Did a shoot tdy @ 1 of the car showroom located @ Pudu, Wow! the car i'm shooting is Honda Civic Mugen RR..... Only hv 2 - 3 unit u can get in Malaysia. Even Honda Malaysia didnt bring in this model. So u can only get it from Recon Car dealers. And this car r selling damn costly, it cost u Rm300K ++ Siow wei...... wth that much of cash i can get alot of brand new sport car! do u argee? but somehow Honda Fans will like it even the price r so damn ***king high!!! and is not NEW car.... is recon! sigh........ anyway not business, Is my job to get the picture done for my magazine (ExtremeKars).
Let Check out some spec of this Mugen RR 2009

Honda released in Japan the Civic Mugen RR sports sedan. Honda Civic Mugen RR is based on the Type sport car and its engine can produce 240hp at 8,000rpm and 160lb-ft at 7,000 revs.

The jump comes from modifications to the intake system and new cams as well as high-flow exhaust. Weight has been cut back with the replacement of some panels with carbon-fiber and aluminum, down 10kg once again over the standard Type R.

Other enhancements include Bridgestone Potenza tires designed specifically for the Mugen RR, a new sports suspension and uprated brakes. Inside, the car gets Recaro bucket seats with unique Mugen RR labeling. Only 300 cars will be produced, and all will be limited to HondaĆ¢„¢ Milan Red finish.

From our recent article about one of the top choices of peoples toy car, we reviewed about the 2007 Honda Civic Type R, it is no doubt one of the best modification made to the Civic, and because everybody loves it so much they've decided to make another modification model which is called the Civic Mugen RR, the name saids it all double the R double the power, well not that much, but it is definitely tougher than the Type R.

Civic Mugen RR tuning and styling parts will not be sold separately, this car is a limited edition and only 300 units are made all red, with an 18 inch 7 spoke forged alloy wheels, inside this car is a carbon fiber-shelled Recaro bucket seats, while the aerodynamics is exclusively restyled the front and rear bumper aprons are made from carbonfibers, the vented bonnet and the new rear spoiler of this car are also in carbon, with an additional Gurney flap.

Note: The Exclusive 18 inch wheels are only being sold to those who has the Mugen RR car.

Civic Mugen RR is expected to have the 2.2 liter version of K20A engine that produces a 256 bhp, but instead they've decided to stick on to the 2.0 liter and make some tweaks and turns, the lightweight scheme on the other hand isn't that much of a factor this time, since the Type R is already been lightweighted this Civic Mugen RR car weighs just 10kgs lighter than the Type R, but thanks to the new cams, the new tailor made 4-3-1 exhaust with high flow catalysts, the new fat tail pipe, the Civic Mugen RR is able to get a power of 237bhp @ 8000 rpm, with a 160lb ft @ 7000 rpm, this new Civic Mugen RR car performs a bit better than the Type R, it accelerates 0 to 60 mph in 6 seconds, just milliseconds faster than the Type R and is able to get a top speed of at least 150 mph which is a couple of mph faster than the Type R, not a bad deal since it is still powered by a 2.0 liter engine

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